Saturday, January 2, 2010

Spreading some Christmas love...

Here is the pile of toys and gifts we managed to get together for our adopted family - in the end we couldn't say no to anything, and I hope this is enough generosity to make our girl proud.  I think it will be the start of a yearly tradition - no parents should have to wake up on Christmas morning and see disappointment on their child's face. 

My darling Charlotte, my shining star - maybe next year we can make you even prouder by adopting TWO families!  Christmas just wasn't the same without you, darling, but you will always be the angel of goodness on top of our Christmas you forever, baby girl!

Monday, December 14, 2009

What about Christmas?

We would have spoiled our girl rotten on this, her first Christmas - so how do you spoil an angel?  You spread as much happiness and generosity as you can...This Christmas Charlotte,with some help from her angel friend, Ella, will be doing some good by adopting a family through FEED Nova Scotia. We will be providing a family of 5 - Mom, Dad, two little girls and a little boy - with presents, grocery cards, decorations and all the trimmings to wrap it with.  We can only try to be as generous as I know our baby girl would have been....thank you for making someone's Christmas a little brighter, my angel!  Your shining light will certainly make ours brighter!

Art and poetry have poured out of me since meeting my angel.....